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Recover deleted data

Android : How to recover deleted data and images

Recover deleted data
Recover deleted data

Today i am shareing a trick with you about recovering data and images on android . This trick is working on ROOTED and UNROOTED android phones .so lets start todays topic “How to recover deleted data and images on android”.

Recover deleted data on Unrooted android

Recovering data and files on android is very easy . Don’t waste your time in createing new files just follow some steps and recover old deleted data and files.

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Recover deleted data on android

Today I am using DiskDigger app for recovering deleted data from android devices. This app is available on Google play store .You can download this app directly from our website .

Follow steps –

Follow these steps and recover deleted data of android devices.

  1. Download DiskDigger app.

    Click here to download DiskDigger app from playstore.

  2. Install and open app.

    Open DiskDigger app and give it permissions.

    Recover deleted data

  3. Config some basic settings .

    Open app and click on setting icon (Gear icon) . And then mark on Large and set minimum file size. And click ok

    Recover deleted data

  4. Scan for deleted files.

    Now click on start basic photo scan.
    Full scan is available for root only devices.

    Recover deleted data

  5. See result and enjoy.

    Now you can see a large list of deleted images on your android device.congrates you done 90% work of recover data on android

    Recover deleted data

  6. Saving recovered file on your smartphone.

    To recover one or several files using DiskDigger check the files and tap Recover in the top right panel.

    Diskdigger for Android offers three options:
    1- Upload selected files to FTP
    2- Save selected files locally
    3- Send to an app
    Recovery parameters for each file can be set in the menu.

    Recover deleted data


You succesfully recovered your data or image of your android device πŸ˜€


You are only able to recover deleted image files and video files from the free version of DiskDigger app. Buy DiskDigger Pro If you want to recover all types of deleted data of android phone .

Recover deleted data on rooted android

Recovering deleted data on rooted androud phone is very easy just follow same step from here

Click to read Steps

Thanks –

Thanks for reading this article. Hope this article was helpfull for you . Comment for this post. And if you have some questions just drop a comment . β€πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œ

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